Breakfast, Lunch and Life

A World Premiere Musical by Sarah Motes Ashley


Showtimes & Tickets

To request your tickets for Waiting, the Musical, please email waiting2dine@gmail.com with the number of tickets you would like and the performance date and time.  We will verify availability and contact you with payment options.  Please note, that Waiting the Musical is not appropriate for under 14 years of age. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $5 for senior citizens (65 and over).

Thank you for your support of Woodson Drama!

On stage in the Joan C. Bedinger Auditorium

May 1, 7:30pm

May 2, 2:00pm

May 2, 7:30pm

May 3, 2:00pm

May 8, 7:30pm

May 9, 2:00pm

May 9, 7:30pm (Sold Out)

Limited seating available, Not appropriate for Children under 14.


Ticket sales coming soon.

Adults: $10

Seniors (over 65): $5




Megan:  17. Some dance. Needs a gutsy voice with upper note flip (no high belt necessary) to E or F (above high C, upper mezzo range).

Brandon. Waiter, 17. Tenor to E or F above middle C. The show’s lead dancer. The brassiest “broadway” sound

Joan:  40’s, the senior waitress – “character” singing is okay, dance optional

Katelyn:  Waitress, 17 – lighter soprano with similar range to Megan

Dylan:  Waitress, 17 – can be the strongest female dancer. Mezzo range with good high belt or mix to around high C. Belty vocal style is best.

Noah: 17, tenor to around E above middle C, the most lyrical tenor. Range adjustable

Tiffani:  Waitress, 30. Some dance, gutsier mezzo voice, just a few solo singing lines

Shannon:  Waitress, 28, Tiffani’s sister – same as Tiffani

Davy, cook. 30 – rapping ability a plus – ensemble singing only, dance optional

Edward, 19, prep cook – ensemble singing only, dance optional

Mr. Warren:  restaurant manager, 50 – low tenor or baritone range, also lyrical, can be your most legit voice

Ryan, mid-twenties. Former football hero – nonsinging

Drew, Brandon’s dad. 50’s – nonsinging

The Jocks: Brody, Jonesy, Tyler – ensemble singing only, dance optional

Ashlynn, Madison, Tori, Alayna – cheerleaders – ensemble singing only, dance optional

Kelli:  Megan’s foster mom. Forties – nonsinging (or ensemble)

Suzanne, Megan’s mom. Late thirties – nonsinging (or ensemble)

Hannah, 18 nonsinging or ensemble

Customers: families, kids, babies, stiff grownups, high school kids – ensemble singing with occasional solo lines, dance optional


NOTES: Voice ranges for the main characters are mostly negotiable within a few notes, and keys can be adjusted in order to accommodate the best performer or the voice quality we want.



Audition Information

If you are auditioning for Waiting, we apologize, but the audition dates were inadvertently posted incorrectly on the website.  Since folks have already signed up for vocal auditions on Wednesday, we will keep that date.  We will have cold readings and dance auditions on Monday, January 5 and Tuesday, January 6 to accommodate those of you who saw both dates.  Auditions on both dates will begin promptly at 2:30.  Thank you for your patience!

January 5, 6, 7

January 5 & 6, Cold Readings then Dance in the Auditorium beginning at 2:30.

January 7, Vocal Auditions in the Black Box beginning at 2:30

No callbacks 

We will be casting an ensemble of 35 who will be workshopping the show throughout the winter.  Final casting from that group of 35 will be done at the beginning of March.  Final casting decisions will be made in large part by considering skill set, compatibility of certain characters, and participation in workshop sessions.

If you wish to be considered for a role that includes dance/singing, you must complete a vocal and dance audition.

Vocal Auditions:  You must prepare 16 bars of an uptempo Broadway song.  Come with a CD recording cued and ready to go.