International Thespian Society

2015 – 2016 Woodson HS ITS Officers:

President Hannah Thomas
Vice President Samantha Terry
Secretary Taissa Gladkova
Historian Kerry Miller
Publicity Taylor Sarlo
Fundraising/Activities Ethan Olswang

 ITS officers final

Woodson ITS Forms

Official Point Sheet

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About ITS

The International Thespian Society has been honoring excellence in the work of theatre students since 1929. Thespian troupes serve students in grades nine through twelve, and Junior Thespian troupes serve students in grades six through eight. There are at present active ITS troupes in more than 3,900 high schools and middle schools, mostly in the United States and Canada.  The Society recently inducted its two millionth Thespian.

Each troupe is led by a troupe director who is a professional member of the Educational Theatre Association. The troupe director is typically—but not always—the theatre teacher in the school. Students earn an invitation to Thespian Society membership on the basis of their achievements in the school’s theatre program.

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